Hanami Bento

This weekend, we have done the Hanami, admiring the Japanese Cherry Blossom. And as any Japanese who loves eating, we’ve done a picnic! So I have tested my new 3-floors Bento.

My bentos boxes

Bento is not only about cooking but also choosing the right box. So I have several bento boxes, each with a specific use.

Penguin PI

Today is a special day: it’s PI Day! March 14th = 03/14 = 3,14.  This penguin bento winks at it.

Pikachu curry

  New try with this Pikachu Curry bento! I needed to color the rice in yellow with curry for the Pikachu so I realized all my bento as a side dish of the curry.

Exherbo Zebrapig

It’s now 7 months that I am in Japan. Having left the French cuisine with a tear in my eye, I found something to comfort me here: the bentos, these takeaway meals transported in small boxes. So here’s my 1st try!